It’s Simple, We Get It Done.

Since 1981, Cotlow Company has brought a bold new approach to the corporate real estate arena. We are one of the very few firms that focuses exclusively on the needs of those who want to sell, buy or lease commercial property. We represent you and put our strong negotiating skills and intimate knowledge of market conditions to work for you. Our approach is bold, precise, persistent, focused. We’ll help you secure the property you need for your business or sell/lease the one you own. That’s our job, and we’ll get it done.

Project Resource Center

The unique Project Resource Center (PRC) is an exclusive Cotlow system that allows our clients to access their projects and monitor progress. Using carefully controlled identification procedures, clients can review documents, schedules, images and other information and can also download materials. The PRC is secure, interactive, improves efficiency and enhances communication between Cotlow and you, the client.

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Pima County Development Services- A Positive Note to Start Off the Year 2015

After all the time in meetings with architects, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, structural engineers, subcontractors including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, building systems, door systems, glazing systems, it was finally time to submit the plans to the Pima County Development Services department for my new building’s initial plan review.  Submission date of December 29th was right […]

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