One-On-One Representation

Focused, personal and exclusive representation means that Cotlow Company works for you and has a fiduciary relationship with you. Our allegiance is to you alone. We believe in quality, not quantity and we never apologize for that. We are fiercely independent so there is no agenda but yours.

That singular focus means you will get unbiased advice and direction supported by exhaustive market research, intelligent analysis of data and a clear understanding of your requirements. It’s a system that works, for you.
See How We Do Business

Project Development

Cotlow Company can manage your project from start to finish to ensure that it’s done right, the first time. We can begin our work at the earliest design stages, or facilitate your project from any point. Our Project Resource Center keeps everyone on the same page and maintains constant and rapid communication. We have an impressive track record and we’ll help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Consulting & Advisory

Cotlow Company can be the expert in your corner. We have the skills and experience to deliver a wide range of information that can facilitate your real estate decisions. Our work often helps our clients take advantage of attractive opportunities, or perhaps more importantly, avoid costly mistakes.

We know the market and we know how things work. Putting Cotlow to work for you will help you clarify your requirements, substantially reduce your time commitment, provide a valuable and objective perspective, and deliver the results you want.