We confidently attack the market with bold, precise strokes.
Because we know the terrain and we understand what you want. 
Resolute, tenacious, decisive, and when called for, daring.

Some call it “nerve.” We call it “success.”  

You will too.

Since 1981, The Cotlow Company has brought a bold approach to the corporate real estate arena in Southern Arizona. Truly client driven, we are one of the very few firms that focus exclusively on the needs of clients who want to sell, buy or lease commercial property, and can offer exceptional service in construction management and comprehensive project management as well.

Our methods are bold, precise, persistent, and focused. We never forget that we work for you, and that our sole priority is what you need to get done. We are very successful for our clients because our knowledge of the market is intimate, our negotiating skills are strong, and our experience and talents are deep. Our fundamental goal – in every situation – is to give our clients the biggest advantage possible.

At the end of the day it’s all very simple…you can trust us to get it done.


Our work habits are just different.
Persistance. Endless energy. Intense focus.
That gives us, and you, results – not promises.

That’s why we’ll get you exactly what you want.