We know the market. Because we’re watching. Carefully. Intently. Constantly.

When you consult with us you’ll be getting information and counsel that is accurate, complete and unbiased. From someone who is experienced. Tested. Someone who is ever alert and watchful of a rapidly changing landscape.

Consulting and Advisory

The Cotlow Company can – and should – be the expert in your corner. We have the skills and experience to deliver a wide range of information, guidance and advice that can positively direct your real estate decisions. Our work can help you take advantage of attractive opportunities, or perhaps more importantly, avoid costly mistakes.


Being able to see a wider breadth of the landscape is only valuable if you understand the critical aspects of what you’re seeing.

We do both.

The depth of our knowledge and experience gives us a far broader scope to our vision. It also gives us the unique ability to process the information we gain from what we “see” far more accurately...a significant advantage for you in making the right decisions on where — and when — to move.

We see what others can’t. So we can move before others can.

The Cotlow Company is farsighted.
We see farther.
We understand more clearly.
We move more profitably.
What else do you need to see?